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Summer Lessons 2023

Discover the Magic of Summer Voice Lessons

Summer is the perfect time to dive into focused vocal training and watch your talent flourish. Whether you're a beginner looking to develop a solid foundation or an experienced vocalist aiming to refine your technique, our summer voice lessons are tailored to meet you where you are.

With our five-lesson summer package, you have the flexibility to schedule your lessons at your convenience throughout June and July, ensuring a consistent and effective learning experience.

Why choose our summer voice lessons?​

  1. Technique Enhancement: Summer provides an ideal environment to focus on refining your technique without the distractions of school or other commitments. I am here for you throughout June and July, to provide valuable insights and exercises to help you build a solid vocal foundation and unlock your true potential.

    (Students say: "Alex is an amazing teacher. She is so knowledgeable and helpful. I was a professional opera singer for 20+ years and I was a voice teacher for over a decade. [...] I could not have found a better teacher— she has so much more knowledge about the voice than any teacher I have ever had." - Rachel)

  2. Cross-Training Opportunities: If you've ever wanted to explore classical repertoire or expand your vocal versatility, summer is the perfect time to dive into new genres. Alexandra is a classically trained instructor who can ensure a well-rounded learning experience that pushes your boundaries and broadens your musical horizons.

    (Students say: "Alexandra transformed my reticent chorus voice into a loud classical baritone solo that makes my chest and face tingle and inspired a stranger hearing my lesson to tell me I am blessed."- Adam

    "Since starting voice lessons with you, I’ve averaged about one to three paid gigs [as a pop soloist] a week. I’m able to have confidence that my voice will do what I need it to do, even when I’m singing every night for hours at a time some weeks." - Brady)

  3. Supportive and Encouraging Environment: I believe in creating a space where you can feel comfortable, confident, and free to explore your voice.

    (Students say:  "Alexandra has given me so many different techniques to improve; she has a wealth of information and has sought the [exercises] that work best for me. It was a totally positive experience. I tell everyone that if you want to improve your singing, take lessons and take them from an experienced, positive, and creative vocal teacher - and Alexandra is that teacher!" - Abbie)

  4. Performance Opportunities*: As part of our summer voice lessons program, you'll have the chance to showcase your progress in a supportive and encouraging environment. (*Dependent upon enrollment.)

Invest in yourself this summer and witness the remarkable transformation in your singing abilities. Our summer voice lessons are the perfect stepping stone toward vocal excellence.


Remember, your voice is your unique instrument, and with the right guidance and dedication, you have the power to create magic.

Limited spots are available, so don't miss your chance to secure your place. Contact us today by submitting a message below. Let this summer be the season of growth, harmony, and a powerful voice that truly shines!

(P.S. Want to book more than five summer lessons? You can get a discounted rate on extra sessions! Yay!)

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