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Knoxville Voice Lessons, LLC

the voice studio of Alexandra Engle


Do you find yourself working overtime for your singing-in-the-shower concerts, practicing those high notes again and again?


Or, maybe you've stood before an audience, singing through your nerves to deliver a performance that doesn't quite feel "complete"? 


Do you ever find yourself simply wondering, "Could my voice be something more?"

My name is Alexandra. I started Knoxville Voice Lessons to help serious singers of all levels bring positive change to their voices, so that they can perform with confidence and ease.

It doesn't matter if you're a passionate beginner or a seasoned performer, we're here to help you make the most of your unique voice.

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The Art of Effortless Singing:
Unlock Your Voice with Proven Techniques

Your voice, your journey, our mission. At Knoxville Voice Lessons, we are committed to the singing potential of every individual. Through collaborative instruction, we empower students to explore their unique singing voices and discover their own vocal magic.

Whether you're an experienced singer who's returning to lessons, or a beginner who's just starting out, you're welcome to take lessons with us at our North Knoxville location.


Your lesson will begin with warm-ups, to prepare your voice for the work to come. The heart of your exploration unfolds in vocal exercises, where you can fearlessly try new things, where you are safe to stumble and try again, converting "mistakes" into stepping stones towards excellence.

Singing lessons are a process that unveils the unique aspects of your voice -- the voice tells us what it wants to be. Song practice becomes the canvas to apply your new skills, reshaping familiar songs with your evolving abilities, and learning new music that will expand your singing horizons!

Expect to hear:
- "Go as easy as your voice needs you to go."

- "Would you like to do that one again?"
- "Do you have any questions?"
- "Good job!"

- "That's it!"

- "How did that feel to you?"

At Knoxville Voice Lessons, we aspire to go beyond teaching you to sing -- we want to empower you as a singing self-explorer.

Expect to experiment, love your mistakes, embrace vulnerability, simply practice, and ultimately unlock the true magic of your voice.

After a semester with Knoxville Voice Lessons, students come away with more than just improved singing skills. Our five-month lesson term ensures they gain confidence, refined technique, and a deeper understanding of their own unique voice. Whether performing in our monthly studio gatherings, at our end-of-semester recital, or participating in other community events, our students showcase not only their musical growth but the ability to express themselves with confidence. Our mission goes beyond our students hitting the right notes; we want every student to finish the term with a set of skills and self-awareness that allows them to contribute meaningfully to the musical fabric of our community.

Meet the Team:
Your Voice, Our Expertise, Your Breakthrough.

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How to Work With Us...

At Knoxville Voice Lessons, we offer lesson options to cater to both spontaneous learners and those seeking a more structured musical journey.


We provide discovery lessons and drop-in lessons for those seeking immediate guidance or a one-time experience, but the core of our commitment lies in fostering a dedicated community of semester students.


The majority of our lesson slots are reserved for individuals embarking on transformative 16-week semesters. This structured approach ensures a more comprehensive exploration, allowing students to experience sustained growth. Our semester-based system stands as the definitive solution if you aspire to cultivate your skills meaningfully in the long term, guiding your practice and helping you grow.



Book Your Discovery Lesson

To get started with voice lessons, the first step is scheduling a "discovery lesson" with Alexandra! This 60-minute session allows us to get acquainted, discuss any singing challenges you might have, and do some technical work -- you'll leave with exercises and techniques to work on.

To schedule your discovery lesson, visit


Book Your On-Going Lessons

Our Spring term will begin in late January 2024 and will be approximately 14 lesson weeks. You can sign up to work with Marcus or with Alexandra.


Get Ready to Grow!

You'll leave each lesson with exercises and songs to work on to bring your voice up to its fullest potential. Get ready to sing your heart out at home, practice those lesson skills, review your materials, and become the singer you were born to be!

what's included for semester students...

Lesson Time


One-on-one lesson time for focused instruction and instant feedback. Recorded for your review, too!

Rehearsal Tracks


Customized rehearsal tracks of your chosen repertoire, ready for you in advance of the recital.

Music Books and Sheets


No nickel-and-dime invoices, just the music you need, when you need it. One small fee covers all your materials, tracks, the recital, and the monthly studio gathering.

Monthly Studio Gathering


An opportunity to get together and sing with other students. Includes live pianist, food, and friendly feedback.

Lesson Notes


For regular semester students,

I'll provide you with notes on select exercises from your lesson for
you to review.


End-of-Semester Recital

Participate in the end-of-semester recital -- it's not mandatory, but by the end of the term, we rarely have anyone who doesn't want to show off




"I sing with Nashville Opera, and have had a regular church job since 2007. We had a big service coming up, and I thought that would be a great opportunity to work on music. 


Phenomenal. Alexandra actually knows this stuff. She's a very talented musician, a very knowledgeable musician, a wonderful person, and I cannot recommend her highly enough to everyone."



“An analytical mind and a keen aptitude for the processes involved in healthy vocal technique. [...] She has an excellent ear and a passion for teaching. She is a responsible and mature individual with a strong character and a great sense of humor as well. I recommend her without reservation to work with young singers as well as adults..."

Lorraine DiSimone, MezzoSoprano
University of Tennessee
Professor of Voice

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